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Cooperation  between HEESCO and North Gas Company

The cooperation between Heavy Engineering Equipment State Company &North Gas Company has fulfilled many projects which has the role in

 developing the base of Oil &Gas field sector in Iraq which witnessed an abvious expantion .

Aremarkable steps have been took by Ministry of Oil which has the great impact on developing this essential,vital sector through providing huge

 projects .According to the North Gas Company plan in developing

 its projects &storing abilities and through this process HEESCO

 has agreat impact through its huge projects some of them are

 still through implemention process with hard work ,some of them

 are Heat Exchangers (EA-1801A/B,EA-1304) ,manufacturing of

two towers (oxidizer tower,da-1664/2664)and joining pure

water (640m3 capacity) with pipes net with site erection.

This cooperation is not new but it comes from ancient series

 of work which are  implemented by HEESCO for North Gas

 Company for last years ,many of these projects are

 manufacturing of boiler with 3tons capacity and

 many other heat exchangers,various kinds of

 vessels and tanks and rehabilitation of burners ,steam boilers

 and many other different equipments.


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