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companies,Heesco has fulfilled many industrialization contracts with many of oil companies and other interested companies.

1- Implemented contract of civil works and cathodic protection for four gas tanks with(3000m3)capacity with floating roof in Khor_Alzubair,for Oil Pipe Lines Company


2- Manufacturing contract of (6 Header)&Al_Naphtha collocation vessel (v_121) and tow rehabilitation contracts of heat exchangers (E_402) &(E_407) for Middle Refineries Company


3-Acontract of manufacturing&providing&erection of water tank with(1000m3) capacity with foundation &cathoding protection  for Al_Nassiriyah dehydrators station for South Oil Company


4- Attached contract of manufacturing &providing 3 materials  of (Al_Rodsporiline) for mMiddle Oil Company.


5- Re_habilitation contract of(EA_1506)heat exchanger for North Gas Company


6-Re_fabrication contract  of three pipe bundle,s of heat exchangers for Arab Company for Chemicals& Detergents


-From other side the company has established many of industrialization contracts such as:-


1-Manufacturing of furnace,s chimnies (F-201+202+203&F204) for Middle Refineries  Company



2-Manufacturing of exchanger,s bundle (08-E3B)&(01_E1)&(07_E10) and collocation of exchanger,s bundle (08E2A) for Arab Company for  Detergents & Chemicals



3-  Manufacturing of (c) tank shell courses & eighth tank foundation for Oil Pipe Lines Company .


4-Fabrication of exchanger,s bundle (C_1024)for south refineries company.


5- Mechanical&Chemical examination for many interested companies.


Besides many other contracts.


Heesco is the largest industrial company in Iraq,it has been establishing since 50 years ago,and its main activities are:



Manufacturing and instillation of storage tanks with loaded capacity(150000m3),distillation towers,boilers,heat exchangers,dehydrators,,stealstructures,pressure vessels,filters,reactors,damgates,irrigation channels,patrol small ships and girders.

-The main activity of the company represents  in engineering activities according to the international standard (Astema) ,quality control and engineering inspection.Welding,Forming and Heat treatment.