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Heesco is one of the oil fields companies it has been established since 1963 as one of the largest companies in Iraq specialized in fabrication and erection of heavy engineering equipments.

Its main activities are:- 

-Fabrication and Erection of strategic&standard Tanks up to150000m3 and distillation towers,Fabrication& maintainance of heat exchangers&steam boilers also fabrication of degasser,dehydrators,desalters , pressure vessels&  sylinderical&spherical(LPG)tanks,Dome Gates,filters,bridges,steel structures,and Boats.

The company is considered as asymbol of lasting productive source,the company contracted many contracts with other oil companies ,such as:-

1-Adesigning &fabrication of surge_drum contract,Re_habilitation of(E-509&E-503)Air cooler.Fabrication of(C-101) oxidation Tower,channel&channel cover,(6012.6013.6014) air filters ,Expansion joint DR-401 and pipe,s welding with pipe,s plates for (E405)exchanger,s bundles,maintainence of pipe,s plates for E302 A&B Exchanger bandles for middle oil refinery.


2-binding pure water tanks for North  Gas Company .


3- Re-habilitation of(101) petrol Tank up to 3900m3 capacity for oil distribution company.


4-Fabrication & providing (v-121)vessel for South Oil Company.


From other side the company accomplished many contracts with many of oil companies and other desirous companies such as :-


1-  Fabrication & Erection of steam boiler with 5.5ton capacity for Al_Mutasim Company .


2- Fabrication of EA-1101 Exchanger,drilling&operating of pipe,s plates for North Gas Company .


3-Manufacturing of st>st appendix&maintenancef(E302A/302B)of pipe,s plates exchangers and  vertical air tanks for Middle Refinery Company.


4- Manufacturing of(01E10B and 01E10A)Exchanger,s bundles for North Oil Company.


    And many other activities