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Visited His Excellency the Oil Minister, Mr Abdul Karim for the coffee company for heavy engineering  equipmentwithadelegation accompanying him includes Both the good grace of Mr. Fayyad, Director General of

 the Technical Department at the Oil Ministry, Mr. Mohamed Nouri al-Saad, General Manager Midland Refineries and a brief summary on Thursday, 2011/4/28 lose its sovereignty, where the company's factories and see the

 possibilities Large-owned company in the manufacture of steam boilers, heat exchangers, vessels and tanks Strategy  The towers and steel structures and its tributaries gantry rotating equipment

 this was greeted by His Excellency, General Manager, Engineer Abdullah Bahjat Hassan and a number of

gentlemen department managers And factories, where he listened to the gentlemen in the company officials during

 the meeting held with them and who spoke at the outset  Mr. Director-General, explaining some of the problems

faced by the company.

  And walked, accompanied by His Excellency, Mr. General Manager and Directors in the factories where the

production visited the field, starting  Of the largest factories in the company not a factory heavy equipment for the

 manufacturing capabilities of the company and the means available to develop, where he listened to a detailed

explanation by the Directors and to give His Excellency the idea of ​​a complete workflow in the factory  For upgrading production and access to resolve all obstacles to the production process

 Has been stressed by His Excellency Mr. Minister the need for effective action to attract business and within the

 jurisdiction of the company's work in order to Increase production capacity, also stressed the importance of a

 contract posts to work with Arab and foreign companies as well as To direct communication and coordination

with the Ministry of Oil companies and subsidiaries of other ministries in order to attract business  And implemented by staff working in the company and that the advantage of discreet experience in the manufacture of

heavy oil equipment


The Minister reiterated the approach to the media publicity of the company through the space station to identify

 the possibilities of this company Giant of public opinion

 After wandering His Excellency Mr. Minister at the factory heat exchanger, where he listened to as well as a

 detailed explanation of the reality of work  And ways to develop it in this plant is important

 This was recorded by His Excellency Mr. Minister esteemed in the record of visits, except to employees who

welcome the factory to receive him in workshops   Productivity make another visit to the company later for the

 purpose of standing on the needs of the company and its affiliates so as to achieve a renaissance   In the

 company's work, God willing