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Heavy Engineering Equipments State Company " HEESCo" was established in 1963

 before more than half century to be one of the largest state industrial companies in Iraq specialized at manufacturing and erecting heavy engineering equipments required for many industrial fields  with its highly qualified staff of about 1999  employees working at various fields ( engineering ,technical ,administrative ,..etc.).

During the last 50 years of its age HEESCO has been developing techniques and capabilities  required to the production process throughout using highly advanced machinery from internationally well-known resources  so that it can cope with the global technical standards needed for covering the local markets of gas/oil industries in particular .

Main activities 

Activity of engineering process :

Heesco has a professional engineering staff of specialized at preparing designs required for the manufacturing process paths  starting with production , quality , qualitative control and qualitative confirmation needed for products like  pressure vessels , all kind of storage tanks ,gates used for watering projects ,heat exchangers, steam-boilers  ..etc  in accordance with the international global standards.

Cutting /shearing techniques

Many techniques in cutting metals are used in HEESCo such as :

*Hot cutting and shearing techniques both manual /automatic  are used..

*Cold cutting by using hydraulic machinery .

*Shearing razors machinery.

*Hydraulic and mechanical presses.

Welding techniques

  The most advanced welding  methods of are used in Heesco  such as:

*classical manual welding MAW.

*submerged arc welding (tractor-type)SAW.

*column –boom welding.

*mig welding ,Tig welding ,c.n.c flame plasma.

Forming process

Heesco is unique among the local companies in manufacturing all types of curved dish-ends whether deep or shallow with thickness that might exceeds 24mm and diameter of about 3200mm for ends made of carbon –steel plates ,moreover the possibility of manufacturing other types of curved dish –ends of stainless steel plates or shields but with less thicknesses than that  when in carbon steel  , also it's possibility of manufacturing half –spherical curved ends (attached pieces).

Heesco has a wide range of experience of bending metal shields through using hydraulic multi-drums bending/ringing machinery that can bend shields of about 65mm thickness and 3000 mm width for shields/plates made of carbon steel .

Machining capabilities

HEESCo has the remarkable basic activities of manufacturing and production procedures  by using specified machinery mostly  programmable such as ;machining ,turning ,(vertical/horizontal) milling ,drilling, grinding ,boring and cutting machines that have the abaility to with various kind of metal shields that reaches 3 m diameter ,7m length,4m high.

Quality Control

It is one of the most important and seriously considered activity in HEESCo  starting with pre-determining of raw material specifications ,purchasing ,fetching them, passing with technical standard tests ,production process ,ending with storing process and inspection certificate that is issued by professional test- laboratories that makes all tests to metals ,mechanical ,chemical  ,metallurgical gradient-tests to various metals ,tests for relevant to welding process materials ,via highly qualified staff using most advanced standards of testing techniques e.g. metallurgical ,non-destructive testes by x-ray, ultra-sonic and dye penetrate  .