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Production Corps

1- The Martyr  Fadil  Jihad  Fattah Department
  It is considered as the biggest company departments in area and capabilities .Itincludes (6)  specialized production lines in addition to furnace  for heat treatment as well as painting unites with high experience staff in production of heavy  and complicated equipment s .
.Distillation towers -
- Oil disalters in all its kinds .
-  Steel structure associated with electricity stations and other projects .
- Manufacturing of pressure vessels in various capacity .
- Manufacturing of storage tanks in large capacity up to (150000) m3
- Manufacturing of bridges girders
 -Manufacturing of equipments , storage tanks , and steel structures according to the client needs
The company keeps pace with the development and providing the department  with the latest and modern, programmed and non-programmed machines that can cut plates up to thickness (250) mm and rolling machines that roll plates up to thickness (100) mm.
The  structure of the department includes the following sections:
1 - Technical Section: studying the designs , resolving technical problems , and  sets  time programming  for work orders.
2 -Transfers Section: - providing material and tools , welding wires , carry out paint works  and heat treatment for work orders in the factory.
3 - Preparing  Section: - prepares the raw materials and convert them to the Assembling Factory or Mechanical Operating Factory
 4 - Mechanical Operating Section: carries out  all the needs of work order concerning the mechanical operating works
5 - Structures Section:- specialized in  assembling steel structures and bridge
6 - Storage Tanks and vessels Section: - specialized in storage tanks and vessels assembling in all sizes of steel structures and bridge girders
7 - Pressure Equipment & Towers Section :- specialized in assembling pressure equipment and towers with all types and sizes.

Production Corps / The Martyr  Basim Sa'adoon Aziz Department


This department is specialized in  manufacturing  pressure vessels  , strategic storage tanks ,  small sizes storage tanks , distillation  towers , steel structures , various girders , and stainless  steel vessels , through  the productive and  technical sections of this department.


The section consists of the following sections: -

First: - Technical Section : - This section carries out the process  of  organizing  a link among the productive sections in the factory with each other firstly, and with the rest of the company's departments secondly ,also  following  up the process of the implementation of the works and the completion of the work order  paragraphs ,as well as studying and documenting all the problems and find appropriate engineering and technical solutions in coordination with the relevant departments



Second: Stainless Steel Section: -
This section manufactures Stainless vessels that are needed in the pharmaceutical and food industries and different industrial fields  and manufacturing oil vessels .It is worthy to mention  this section containing hydraulic press with capacity (2500)ton which is used to fabricating the plates of iron according to the required moulds


Third: Vessels and towers Section: -
This section  manufactures pressure vessels  with different sizes and distillation towers of oil refineries and steel girders according to international standards ,also this section includes a unit specialized  manufacturing dished and spherical ends by using a hydraulic press with capacity of (800) ton as well as flanging machine in addition to a unit of vertical and horizontal.
 turning machines