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Heavy Engineering Equipment State Company


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The company was pioneer in manufacturing strategic equipment for all sectors of economy,
built from carbon alloy and stainless steels:
Ministry of Oil Refineries with capacity 10000 bpd, the strategical storage tanks 82000 m3 desaltors, dehydrators, condensation towers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, Al-Bakr port steel structure … etc.

Ministry of Irrigation The mechanical works for Al-Adeem Dam (Gates of penstock, tunnel of irrigation and energy).

Electrical State Authority Pressure vessels for electricity power station steam boilers parts & rotating equipment. The rehabilitating the station of Al-Nasiriya and Beiji electricity stations

Ministry of Industry & Minerals Heat exchangers, Reactors, Rotating Machines, Pressure Vessels, Thermal furnaces and Cylos.

Ministry of Transportation & Communication Structure of Al-Amiq port, Khor Al-Zubar & bridges .

Other Customers The company has factories in Baghdad that can produce heavy equipment up to 5 meters diameter. More than 30 meters length and of more than 80 tons weight. All complementary work is provided like surface cleaning, computer controlled cutting, assembly, site heat treatment, inspection, quality control & painting, whether in its factories or at site