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Steam Boiler Fabrication:
HEESCo. developed its crews & factories to produce small & medium size fire
 tube boilers & parts of water tube boilers used in erstations and oil refineries HEESCO. Fire tube boiler are normally with capacities 2, 5 & 10 Ton/hour ith differentpressure. The company erected 160 Ton/hour water tube steam boiler  in different places in Iraq.

All sizes of pressure vessels fabrication:
 HEESCO. has a wide experience for more than 35 years in manufacturing all types of pressure vessels made of carbon steel or stainless steel, with single wall or double jacket, with diameter from 700 up to 3200 m.m., different plate thicknesses up to 65 m.m


Heat exchanger Fabrication:
HEESCO. Is specialized with design, brication, retubing & testing of shell &
 tube heat-angers for all sizes that used in wide industrial fields, petroleum  fields, and others according to the working conditions related to customer  request, they nclude: - cooling Heat-exchangers. - Condensate Heat- exchangers. - Evaporation Heat-exchangers.


Boats Fabrication HEESCO.
has a good experience in boats fabrication, 6 fast boats were fabricated with 26
 meterverall length, 6.5 meter width, 3.4m depth & 1.5 m. draft. Hull of the boat is made of special arine steel. Super structure is made of welded minumconstruction. the connection between the hull and superstructure is made by bi-metallic bar (aluminum-steel bar).



Fabrication of storage tank for fuel water:
with various capacities The company is ioneer in fabrication of storage tanks
 of all sizes, ypes & capacities to be used for fuel, water …..etc. These storage  tanks are made of carbon steel or stainless steel, horizontal, vertical or  underground. HEESCo. is also specialized with fabrication of parts for huge

 storage tanks up to 100000 m3 with fixed or floating roofs.



Fabrication of water treatment units:
The company has a good experience in fabrication of water treatment

 equipment. Many water filters & tanks was manufactured according to a well-

known designs as well as manufacturing the necessary precipitation basins for

 this unit.



Bridges & Steel structure Fabrication:
HEESCO. has the capability and experience to manufacture steel structures and
ridgegirders (st-52) with high quality and according to ngineering standards  specification .



Steel Furnaces Fabrication:
HEESCO. manufactured different types of Industrial furnaces used in

 Engineering & Industrial fields and according to customer specification and



Fabrication of Towers of Different Types and Sizes:
HEESCO. has a wide experience in fabrication Towers of different sizes, made of

 carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel, according to operative specification

 for refineries, fertilizers, chemical and petrochemical factories. The company set

 up these towers in its sites according to customer specification and requirement